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Team Quest is an exciting and engaging high tech team adventure. Using the very latest in GPS and communication technology, this is a treasure hunt with more interactivity and versatility than any other.

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Pre-programmed with the sophisticated Team Quest app, our team tablets throw up cryptic clues and creative challenges whilst guiding teams through a variety of mystery locations and sights in your desired venue, city or country. The follow arrow system is unique and gives teams a genuine treasure hunt experience as locations remain a mystery until you arrive at them.  This adds a particularly exciting edge that is unique to the Team Quest system.

Each Team event can be created exclusively for you, whether that involves introducing an exciting mode of transport, personalised questions, or through the mystery locations chosen. Our technology is so advanced delegates can simultaneously play multiple games across multiple countries; a perfect representation of the need for communication within an ever expanding global market.  Team Quest’s unique Artificial Intelligence enables the option for the system to cleverly manage teams around the game zone.  This is particularly useful for large scale events to avoid teams following each other from one location to the next.

  >  On ease of use the teams rated Team Quest 96%.
  >  Asked how much Team Quest had helped teams bond with their teammates they scored it 98%
  >  When asked how much participants were enjoying themselves they rated Team Quest at 100%.

An all-inclusive event packed full of teamwork and participation and enabling your delegates to spend some time outside of the conference room.  Team Quest is the perfect way to combine strategy, time management and communication skills, whilst discovering hidden talents amongst your colleagues.

Call one of our specialised event staff to explore ‘Team Quest’ further and discover the infinite possibilities.


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