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International Hovercraft Competition

Team building creative travels over land and sea to compete at South Korea’s first ever international hovercraft competition.

Nick Drew, Head of Product Design at Bluehat Group, is one of only 8 hovercraft racers to be chosen to compete in the country’s first ever international race meeting. The Korea Open International Hovercraft competition, which takes place at the Myungsasimri Beach in South Korea, will feature a combination of both speed and endurance races for single-seater hovercraft racers.

Team building specialist Nick applies his product design skills to building and developing his own hovercraft, which has seen him win numerous national and international championships over the past 20 years. Nick has held the title of National UK Champion for two years now and came second at The World Championships in Germany this year after a dramatic accident left him competing his final races with a broken heel.

The team at Bluehat Group are extremely proud of Nick representing Great Britain and are wishing him the best of luck as he competes in the event on Saturday and Sunday.



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