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Integrity Pledge

Agency customers are an integral part of our business.  With this in mind, we’ve been running the following process to protect your client relationships since we started back in 2001.

We are very mindful that a reputation takes years to create and seconds to lose.  And our business is built on reputation.

Our Integrity Pledge to you

As soon as you introduce your client by name to us with an enquiry, your business relationship with them is protected under our policy of best practice.

Your client is protected by a marketing embargo. Even if we have marketed to your client in the past, your client becomes a no-go contact and is cross-referenced to your contact on our database.

It’s as if they disappear from our database, except that if they contact us directly we know that we need to speak to you straight away and pass the lead back to you.

Q) What happens if my client contacts you directly?

A) We listen to them to understand why they are calling us. Then we pick up the phone and tell you what they’ve said. You then tell us how you wish to proceed. You may choose to take up the enquiry with your client yourself, or you may ask us to continue communicating directly with the client and simply pay you your commission if the event goes ahead.

Q) How long do I get client protection?

A) This protection is guaranteed for a period of twelve months from the date of your client’s last event on which we’ve delivered some part. If another event is booked with us, the embargo period resets for another twelve months and so on. Whilst you maintain this relationship with your client, then the embargo will continue indefinitely.



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