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Work Life Balance

We have all heard about the importance of achieving a work-life balance. Employees are now working longer days than ever, resulting in 1/3 of Britain’s workforce reporting that they are unhappy with the amount of time they devote to their jobs, and more than 40% stating that their workload is causing them to neglect other aspects of their lives. As more individuals are taking on longer hours to support themselves, and more families require both parents to work to support the household, the concept of work-life balance seems like a lofty if not illusory goal.

According the Mental Health Foundation[i], companies as well as workers can take important steps towards improving employees’ situations and their work-life balance. An important way that companies can help employees is by supporting the idea that better work is accomplished when employees are able to attend to their personal lives. One way that companies can achieve this is by promoting activities that encourage workers to bring their professional and personal lives together in positive ways, rather than negatively bringing their work and stress home with them at the end of the day. For example, many companies have turned to seasonal or annual worker and family fun days, corporate days out or holiday events that give employees the opportunity to engage with each other in more enjoyable and personal ways, outside of the office environment.




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