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10 Very Merry Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

9 10 Very Merry Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

No one wants to miss out on the fun and excitement of a traditional office Christmas party…even if they pretend to be a Grinch and verbally express their indignation towards it. It’s a chance to take time out of work to relax, unwind and celebrate the year, mingle, and get to know your fellow teammates that little bit more. Not forgetting of course, the opportunity to dress up in tacky OTT Christmas clobber.

But the present situation prevents us from doing so. Nevertheless, we can still celebrate this joyful season through a ‘virtual Christmas party’. It may take a few adjustments, but we can make it work! What matters most is that we will still celebrate this annual tradition together.

Virtual Christmas party activities can make your online gathering more engaging and meaningful. It provides a means to help employees who work remotely, to socialise with other co-workers. Best of all, it enables companies to reward all their employees for a job well done all year round.

Read on to discover our top 10 ideas to enhance your online Christmas party celebrations.

2 10 Very Merry Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

1. Well-Hosted Virtual Events

Virtual holiday events this year will inevitably take place over a video conference platform. With many of us experiencing online boredom during unnecessarily long virtual meetings, it is more important than ever to ensure you hire a professional party host to maintain your employee’s engagement throughout the festive activities. Additionally, a co-host is essential to manage all the technical features to ensure the event goes flawlessly. Check out our recommended virtual Christmas party activities here.

2. Send Personalised Gift Boxes To Your Team

With years of experience in people development and team building, we feel that the best way to express gratitude can be as simple as a personalised thank you note. But as Christmas is a time for giving, shipping out personalised gift boxes packed full of tasty treats, props, clues and equipment for the activity, is a wonderful way to truly make your team members feel appreciated. These can be sent a week prior to their event to generate excitement and make each participant feel special and appreciated. Blue Hat specialises in personalised gifting. Let them know your requirements here.

8 10 Very Merry Virtual Christmas Party Ideas3. Play Christmas Themed Games

Without an open bar, chocolate fountain or sit-down dinner, it will ultimately be more difficult for people at virtual parties to talk and socialise. But you can alleviate any preempted discomfort or awkwardness with virtual party activities. These activities will as a by-product motivate your remote employees to collaborate and help team members feel more at ease with each other. At the same time, it builds remote working skills such as communication and problem solving.

4. Create Festive WFH Workstations

Why not tackle the tinsel and host a little competition for the best festive decorated desk? This can be as glamourous or silly as people want, with the idea that the best dressed desk wins a prize!

desk 10 Very Merry Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

5. Stocking Scavenger Hunt

A fast paced and fun activity idea that everyone can play in their own home is a scavenger hunt. Teams will search the house and web for seasonal props and information. Everyone will love playing this merry, thrilling, and venturesome game. We recommend this Christmas themed virtual pub quiz that has a scavenger hunt round included. Check it out here.

6. Gingerbread Wars

Who doesn’t love decorating a gingerbread man? This is a perfect activity for remote workers to do before your hosted virtual party event begins. Your colleagues’ food decorating dexterity will be tested in this mouth-watering activity. Each person needs to present a plain gingerbread cookie. They will then decorate it to their preferences as soon as you give them the green light. The boss can be the judge, may the best gingerbread man win!

5 10 Very Merry Virtual Christmas Party Ideas7. Guess the Gift

Each player wraps up a random item for the other players to guess what it is. Players take turns to ask one question about what it could be, before using a turn to make a guess. Don’t be fooled by the shape of the wrapper, try and solve the clues to guess what it is!

8. Host and Post a Remote Secret Santa

A must do for all your colleagues, everyone loves a secret Santa exchange. To play, everybody including the boss, will become the Secret Santa. Use an online secret Santa tool like elfster.com to access everyone’s wish list. Buy, wrap and post that gift to your teammates house. When you are assigned a team member, remember to keep it a secret until the big reveal!

10 10 Very Merry Virtual Christmas Party Ideas9. Share a Feast

Got some great recipe ideas for a Christmas feast? Your whole team can showcase their culinary skills and can even share their recipes at or after your online get together.

10. Crazy Christmas Jumper Contest

To make this virtual holiday gathering a truly memorable event, try dressing up in a holiday costume including a crazy Christmas Jumper. Simply select three people with the best costumes and give them a fun prize or award.

So let’s not let Covid steal Christmas. It’s time to don the glittery gear and spread that Christmas Cheer! To find out more about booking a hosted virtual Christmas party, you can speak to Blue Hat’s event planners here.



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