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5 office morale boosters

Five simple team building ideas to help inspire your team

Remember the Why

The most important aspect of coming to work, if you’re motivated by what your company believes in and are trying to achieve, is to focus on the why. The What and the How relate to the delivery process and the more tangible aspects of the day to day office work. The why is what inspires us to come to work, to make a difference, to go the extra mile because we believe in what we do. Simon Sinek’s TED talk discusses how the why should be focal point of any motivated employees approach to work.

Promote your own

There aren’t many things more demotivating than seeing someone external appointed to a role to which you have the credentials and desire to fill. Take a look internally to see if the resource is already available to make a promotion within the business as opposed to an outside appointment. Not only will this appease the individual employee, it will motivate other members of the team with the realisation that progression is accessible in the business.

Motivational quotes

When an employee is gazing into the distance for motivation or feeling a bit lackadaisical (generally occurs after lunch) a reminder of the aforementioned why will help them regain focus. This could come in the form of a company strapline or even dotting printouts of inspiring quotes from your industry or inspirational figures can go a long way to promoting office morale.

Change the scenery

A new environment can really help re-energise and re-focus your team. Holding team meetings at new venues, or outdoors in the summer, will help stimulate staff and get them thinking outside the box, both literally and figuratively. Our outdoor team building events offer you the chance to get out and about and get collaborative.

Morning Huddle

A morning get together can be an underestimated morale booster. If you run through the same thing every time the meeting will stagnate. Exploring creative ways to get your team raring to go from the get go and conveying targets and goals without just reading them from an Excel doc will help inspire your team for the day. Our corporate team building energisers are perfect for integrating into a short meeting to add some fun and an extra dynamic.


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