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5 team building pointers for 2016


1) Listen to your staff

It sounds simple in theory, but actually taking time out to listen to what your colleagues want takes a concerted effort in itself. The time devoted to doing so will be beneficial though as once you learn what makes each individual team member motivated, forging a focused, target hitting team becomes a more aligned process.

 2) Learn strengths & weaknesses

Once you’re aware of your team’s fallibilities and fortes, work with them constructively to make sure their utilised to their best of their abilities. Constructing a team that has a broad enough skill set to cover each area of demand can be a tricky task. Make sure you’re fully aware of where your team’s skills lie and attempt to fill the gaps through smart delegation and encouraging individual’s skills that might be less obvious to them to flourish.

3) Think outside the box

A fresh environment can really help re-energise and re-focus your team. Holding team meetings at new venues or outdoors in the summer, can create a more stimulated, expansively thinking team and provoke new perspectives on tasks. Our outdoor team building events are a perfect way to get out and mix things up.

4) Balance authority and sensitivity

All leaders need to be assertive, balancing this with a moderate level of compassion and investing some degree of time to get to know your individual team members on a personal level will give you a more holistic view of them as people and enable you to better cater your management style to them. Forbe’s article on leading with emotional intelligence1 highlights how the right balance of authority and compassion can really harness productivity to its optimum output.

5) Recognition goes a long way

Small touches such as a drink at the end of the day on a Friday go a long way to keeping a team satisfied and motivated. Even recognition, not necessarily at a monetary expense, such as the acknowledgement of when an individual has gone the extra mile or produced an exceptional piece of work will make all the difference.

About the Author

Ben Parkinson is the commercial director and co-owner at Blue Hat Teambuilding, the specialists in innovative teambuilding solutions.

[1] http://www.forbes.com/sites/glennllopis/2012/10/01/6-ways-successful-teams-are-built-to-last/#5e7f11e1268d




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