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5 Tips For Planning A Successful Away Day

Official-World-Record-Breakers-1-300x200 5 Tips For Planning A Successful Away Day

Corporate away days are about more than just having a jolly with colleagues. Whilst it can be difficult to improve team bonding and motivation in a busy office environment, a successful away day with the right team building activities can improve how your team interact, work together, share visions and discuss or tackle important issues. Happy employees increase overall performance and staff retention.

1) Know your people

In just a few years, 50% of the workforce will be made up of millennials who particularly value social activities and away days. The reduction of work-related stress is also of key importance to companies and employees today. Recent surveys show 40% of firms now have measures put in place to improve health and wellness at work, many valuing team building as an important tool for this.

2) Identify your objectives

What do you want to achieve from your away day? Is it about strategy and visioning, or socialising and celebrating? Why not even consult your team, to see what they would like to gain from it? Whatever it may be, let your people know.

Nine out of ten employees want more training courses to feel that they are being invested in, valued and given the opportunity to progress. If specific business outcomes need to be achieved via a group brainstorming session or meeting, then be sure to schedule these in early to ensure optimum focus from your employees. After this, get each team member to share their reflections and insights, before collaborating in a team building activity that will aid the objectives you have outlined. Blue Hat Teambuilding identify key outcomes of each activity, this can be found online but if in doubt, ask for advice to discover the perfect fit for your team.

3) Provide a unique experience

In an ever-increasing competitive market, companies must work as hard as their staff to keep them in their post. Research suggests pay and bonus schemes are a short term motivator, whereas over 70% of people value experiences overall. Internal events need to engage your employees and maximise their experience. It’s hugely beneficial to go offsite to a neutral territory, free from distractions and hierarchy. Choose an exclusive or inspiring venue that your team can connect with and thus remember. Future referencing will stir memories and recreate the positive mind-set from the day.

4) Use technology to your advantage

Advancements in event tech over the last few years enable employees to easily connect and share experiences and inspiration. With a social media plan in place, encourage your employees to engage with each other and externally. Utilise apps for creative activities and to manage complicated logistics of large group numbers with ease.

5) Invite outsiders

To inject fresh perspective into discussions, hire a guest speaker. To increase motivation, communication and leadership, hire a team building company. Consider inviting a client or customer to share their valuable viewpoint and to challenge the perspective of your team.

Your away day should be treated just as importantly as every day work. It’s worth hiring a specialist facilitator like Blue Hat Teambuilding to help lead team exercises, position messages and help structure the day so that the leaders can also join in with their team during the activities and discussion.

About the Author;

Heather Ee is the editor of Blue Hat Teambuilding blogs. Blue Hat Teambuilding has been recognised over 40 times by the main industry awards bodies, with 1 million people in over 50 countries having experienced a Blue Hat team event, giving an average rating of over 97%.

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