5 Ways To Energise Your Team

Even the most productive teams can experience burnout, especially as many remote workers are currently working more overtime than ever before. People aren’t a resource. We are all individuals with different motivations, interests and talents. Leaders need to understand these drivers so they can design positive workforce experiences that employees can benefit from.

Keeping your team supercharged throughout the year may not be on the top of your to-do-list, however doing so will boost productivity, efficiency and ultimately, individual and team morale. Energising exercises and team building activities can help quickly motivate employees and boost morale.

Here are five proven ways to keep everyone within your organisation energised:

team brainstorming

1.      Encourage creativity.

You can help your team avoid burnout and engage with their work more through creativity. Plan creative brainstorming sessions and creative team building activities to shake things up. Allowing creativity can also increase productivity, by facilitating an environment that reduces the fear of failure.


2.      Keep the big picture in mind.

Help your team focus on the big picture – the why behind any project. This will help them see that your work has a purpose and help motivate and engage team members. Setting goals can also be very motivating and energising for your team.

3.      Express gratitude and give praise.

Always share thanks with your team and give credit where credit is due. You may try handwritten thank you notes, emails, meeting shout-outs, or even a Slack channel or email thread to share accomplishments. This will motivate your team more.


4.      Protect your team’s time.

Your team may start to experience a loss of energy and motivation if they consistently do not have enough time to complete all their tasks. Always make sure your team can manage their time before assigning them new projects and help them prioritise tasks to ensure the most important things get done. Getting things done, even smaller projects, will help them feel accomplished and stay energised.

5.      Use Energisers and Icebreaker activities to boost team bonding and increase productivity.

Energisers and icebreakers can boost team productivity and can help to motivate and engage employees. Icebreakers can help all employees from the most introverted to the most outgoing to start conversations with other employees at company functions and networking events. Research shows that team building activities can increase team creativity, productivity and even employee retention.


What are Energisers and Icebreakers?

Energisers can help keep people concentrate better in meetings and icebreakers can help people get to know each other better. Energisers are activities that are designed to help people connect and reach their best state of productivity and help engage and motivate employees.


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