6 Ways To Onboard New Team Members

Hiring new team members and successfully onboarding them is a critical element in a company’s success. Ensuring that the new team member is up to speed on their department’s role within the company and their individual role within the department will help boost productivity. Let’s discuss some ideas you can implement into your onboarding process to make the transition smooth and effective.

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  1. Conduct Proper Introductions

Starting a new position can be pretty confusing and overwhelming. Part of the onboarding process should be to introduce your new employee to all necessary people in their department. For example, you should let them know who to contact if their laptop won’t connect to the internet, or if they have trouble with a client. Having an idea of who does what within the company will make their life easier and increase productivity since they won’t be wandering around trying to find someone to help them. They should also know who they report to and who the other members of their team are.


  1. Be Prepared

Before a new employee starts, make sure you are ready for them. Have the required paperwork printed and prepared ahead of time and make sure their computer or phone is prepared for them to set up. Failing to do this will waste the new employee’s time and reduce their productivity.


  1. Set Clear Expectations

If an employee is not sure what they are supposed to be doing, they will be sure to fail. Let the new employee know what they are expected to do each day and what goals they are to achieve. You could do this by using technology or a simple handbook that outlines why they were hired and what management expects of them. These should be specific to them, not just generic company-wide goals.


  1. Create a Mentorship System

Assigning a senior team member to the new hire to lean on for their first few months is a great way to introduce them to the company culture and their job responsibilities.

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  1. Team Building Exercises

Team building exercises are a fun way to make your employees feel connected, energised, and motivated. It is a good idea to conduct team building exercises frequently so that new team members can get to know their coworkers and feel included. These can be done virtually for the time being or in person as soon as we are safe to do so.

While many of us are still conducting business virtually, you could set up a virtual pub quiz, escape room or murder mystery as a fun way for teammates to collaborate with their new peers and generate a positive workplace experience.


  1. Allow Feedback

Once the employee has been with the company for a few months, ask them for feedback. Ask what they wish they knew from the start and what they think helped them transition smoothly. This will help you streamline and improve the process for the following employees who join the company.

Even after the onboarding process is complete, it is a good idea for managers and HR professionals to check in on employees. If they are doing exactly what is required of them, give them that reassurance.

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