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60 Seconds with Mollie Brett

Today marks a sad day at Blue Hat as our placement student Mollie Brett leaves us to return back to university in September. Mollie joined us in July 2015 as Sales Support, coming from the University of Hertfordshire. We asked her a few questions about her team building experience at Blue Hat before she leaves to start her exciting new journey.

mollie-2-300x300 60 Seconds with Mollie Brett

1) How would you describe your year at Blue Hat?

Insightful, eventful and the best experience during my university career.

2) What has been the best moment of your year here?

Probably going on all the teambuilding events, it is so great to get out of the office and see what the company do in action. The events are always so much fun and its great meeting clients.

3) What has been the most challenging part of your year?

Most likely the last 2 months as my job role expanded to a Business Support role. Having to learn new roles and responsibilities in such a short amount of time was hard and I’m still getting to grips with it.

4) What one thing will you take away?

It’s difficult to choose just one thing but probably to be organised! The range of aspects that go into each teambuilding event highlights the need to be uber organised to ensure every little detail is covered off in advance of the event day. I never thought I would use Excel and To-Do lists so much!

IMG_0823-300x225 60 Seconds with Mollie Brett

5) What will you miss the most?

The people. Blue Hat is quite a small business so it was easy to get to know everyone. The whole team has been so welcoming and I couldn’t have asked for better company throughout my placement year.

6) What advice would you give students considering going on placement?

DO IT! Just do it and you’ll have no regrets. It does add another year to your uni career but it is invaluable experience and it’s such a great first step into the events industry.

7) What’s your next goal?

To finish uni and get back into the events industry. I haven’t got a goal past then as I’m still not sure what type of events I’d like to go into. I’ll try a bit of everything and see how I get on.

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