Big fab quiz of the year virtual pub quiz

The Concept

End your year like David Mitchel, Noel Fielding or Claudia Winkleman, in this hilarious take on the hit annual TV show!

It’s time to jump down the 2021 rabbit hole and see how much you have been paying attention to the year. This experience is hosted by our TV host stand-in, a professional presenter whose banter will keep even Mr Carr on his toes.

At this festive time, we are bringing this exclusive experience to you and your team. Be a part of the fun and see how far you can go! Some rounds are interactive, some general knowledge and finally guess who the mystery speakers are; played by live actors.

In teams, which we call “panels”, delegates will use our web-based portal to answer questions via their smartphone whilst enjoying the fun and banter, live – via their computer. You will have real-time scoring to ensure a smooth and fast delivery experience.

Most rounds are with everyone together in the main room and some rounds in private breakout rooms, allowing teammates to collaborate on different team challenges. We have a huge stock of questions, challenges and more, to create the perfect gameshow experience regardless of your preferred timings.

To enhance your experience, we can even send personalised gift boxes with craft beers, G&T’s, bar snacks and more. So, your panellists can have fun together and enjoy a drink together.


How It Works

Our event requires no set up; your delegates simply need to arrive to our Zoom call with their smartphone in hand. From there we will randomly organise your teams into panels and send them off to breakout rooms with an icebreaker to help them get to know their new teammates.

Each ‘Panel’ will be given a unique website that they can access to interreact with throughout the event. Panels can choose a captain who will answer on behalf of the team or take it in turns in the limelight.

On return to the plenary room, we will introduce the main event.

A typical format;

  • Round 1. “Current affairs”
  • Round 2. “Mystery Guest”
  • Round 3. “Analyse that tune”
  • Round 4. “Headline or conspiracy?”
  • Round 5. (Bonus round) “Guess the film” from a photoshopped poster
  • Finally we will go through all the points and announce the winning panellists!

Got a question? You can read our virtual activities FAQ’s or contact us directly by emailing

Great For

  • Communication
  • Creative thinking
  • Fun and connectivity

Activity Details

Number of participants:Max 15 teams per call (if a face-to-face event, more teams possible)

Min. 12 people (3 teams)

In person or virtual:This is a virtual activity suitable for remote workers. Ask us about making this a live event!
Event locations:Any location with an internet connection.
What will I need:Participants will need a smartphone and access to video conferencing software. We recommend Zoom, MS Teams, Cisco Webex or Google Meet.

Try Before You Buy

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