The Concept

What’s your teams festive quest?

We can deliver this event as a competitive or collaborative activity as teams race to solve the clues and riddles to unlock a series of challenges hidden within their team chest.


How It Works

Using a number of wooden chests, each containing hidden compartments secured by
a series of locks, we can design a bespoke journey for your team to take to complete
their Chest Quest.

Within each compartment lies a challenge which once completed reveals the route to
the next stage of their project.

Each challenge can be tailored to be either collaborative or competitive, right down to
the final seconds of the activity Chest Quest can be tailored to your exact requirements and can be a mix of cerebral,
creative, visual, technical or logical challenges.
We have the creative knowledge, innovative approach and inventory to make this a totally unique event for your team, whatever your quest may be.

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Great For

  • Time management
  • Highlights leadership qualities
  • Encouraging team engagement and interaction
  • Injecting festivity and creativity

Activity Details

Number of participants: 6 – 72
In person or virtual: This is an in-person activity
Event locations: Any location

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