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The Concept

Create a selfie mosaic of your team to give everyone the chance to express themselves. A photo mosaic gives everyone a sense of being part of ‘the bigger picture’. Up-close, see individual photos – step back and the mosaic picture of your choice is revealed!

How It Works

You choose a picture to a specific ratio consideration. You tell us how many participants you would like to invite.

We then divide the image up according to the number of people and place the image on the website’s online Gallery. We send you a template e-mail that you can change before forwarding it to all your team to invite them to participate in the project.

Each participant logs onto the website, creates their personal account and is allocated a specific canvas on the website’s main Gallery. They then take a selfie, matching the colours from their specified canvas on the website as best they can.

They upload their selfie to create the Online Digital Masterpiece.

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Great For

  • Communication and collaboration
  • Creative thinking
  • Reinforce key messaging

Small Team Experience

If you are looking for an event that can deliver an exceptional experience for a small team, then look no further! On the last Friday of each month at 3pm GMT throughout 2021, Blue Hat Teambuilding hosts events especially for small teams with limited budgets, for just £240+vat. Find out when our next Digital Masterpiece event is being hosted here. Alternatively if you have a special request, please email our team directly at

Activity Details

Number of participants: 10 – unlimited
In person or virtual: This is a virtual activity suitable for remote workers
Event locations: Any location with an internet connection.
What will I need: Participants will need access to video conferencing software. We recommend Zoom, MS Teams, Cisco Webex or Google Meet

“Last night was a great success, enjoyed by all, so a huge thanks for making it happen so seamlessly.”


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