festive fright night Christmas team event

The Concept

Ghouls and Spooks are not reserved just for Halloween! Nightmares can also come around at Yule Tide. There are those who come out as candles are lit and music is heard on the air, to use this time of celebration to catch poor souls off guard.

This year, a tragedy has struck the Lavender household and little Lucy Lavender, has lost her laugh! She was located by the lake outside the living room, lying limp and lifeless… but alive. Something, or someone has leapt out at her and frightened her into a frozen-like figure.

6 suspects have been identified, all of whom have entered the Lavender’s household, ranging from Krampus to the Bogeyman. There has been a series of similar incidents reported across the district. Each suspect has been associated with at least one similar incident. But who is the culprit this time?

You will need to meet up with Detective Inspector Justin Thyme, who is ecstatic at your swift arrival. After his comprehensive briefing, your team will need to search the scene of the crime and review the interviews of each suspect to decipher what really happen here.

You must solve the mystery within the hour to prevent the incident happening again before the night is out!


How It Works

After an initial briefing by Detective Inspector Justin Thyme at Police HQ. You are transported, as a team of between 4 – 6 detectives, to the house where the incident happened which is depicted on your laptop (or equivalent) as a floorplan along the lines of the famous board game ‘Cleudo’.

Using your smartphone, you first create your own personalised avatar, which appears on the floorplan. You then use your phone to navigate your avatar around the house to find the clues, facts, video interviews and conundrums to share and discuss with your fellow detectives to slowly piece together the sequence of events that led to the fiendish frightening.

The fastest team to conclude the matter is the winner. Do you have what it takes?

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Great For

  • Helping team members learn about each other
  • Making networking fun
  • Creating energy and positivity
  • Encouraging team discussion
  • Developing analytical skills

Activity Details

Number of participants: 10 – unlimited
In person or virtual: This is a virtual activity suitable for remote workers
Event locations: Any location with an internet connection.
What will I need: Participants will need a smartphone and access to video conferencing software. We recommend Zoom, MS Teams, Cisco Webex or Google Meet.

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