fogg's festive flight virtual corporate activity

The Concept

The holidays are upon us and your thoughts turn to friendship. It has been a few months since you saved your long-lost friend Professor Fogg.

Despite an apparent lack of correspondence from him, you decide to pay him a visit to check up on him.

Arriving at his local warehouse you find a familiar face… yes, it is the warehouse assistant who helped you rescue Fogg a few months earlier. This warehouse assistant tells you that Fogg has become obsessed with an ancient script, the great Eligans Tablet which pre-dates recorded history. The legends surrounding this masterpiece of cultural work say that it holds the origin of all celebrations.

The Eligites, as Fogg now calls them, who created the tablet, have a culture that has until this point remained lost to the annals of time. Driven by his obsessive nature, Fogg aims to collect data from the celebrations of the globe.

He left nothing more than a piece of a ripped-up note in the warehouse. The note reads, “…each of the world’s holidays are the key!” and on its back the note reads “…need help!”

Another call to adventure! Your friend won’t rest until more is discovered, and you are the only other who knows how to fly after him. You know what you must do; it’s your job to commandeer one of his balloons… and follow him!


How It Works

Our downloaded app provides each team with their own hot air balloon (it’s virtual – sorry!) in which to travel the world and discover celebrations around the world. At each stopover, each team will be challenged with riddles, conundrums and tasks, all of which will release ‘cardinal points’ or clues as to the password required to travel to the next continent on the map. As time progresses through the activity some might begin to suspect that not all is as it seems.

After 4 continents are traversed in the adventure, the teams will be able to ascertain three words. By using the letters of these words, the teams must decipher an anagram that will reveal a sinister scheme that has been brewing for years.

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Great For

  • Helping team members learn about each other
  • Making networking fun
  • Creates energy and positivity
  • Encouraging team discussion
  • Developing analytical skills

Activity Details

Number of participants: 10 – unlimited
In person or virtual: This is a virtual activity suitable for remote workers
Event locations: Any location with an internet connection.
What will I need: Participants will need a smartphone and access to video conferencing software. We recommend Zoom, MS Teams, Cisco Webex or Google Meet.

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