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Event Duration
2 hours – 3 hours

Min-Max Participant Numbers
10 – 500

Indoors or Outdoors

Event Location

The Objective
A top four international bank asked us to bring to life the specific corporate messages of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in a fun, interactive and educational way as part of their Learning and Development Programme. They also wanted to underline the overall Learning and Development Programme’s core objectives of enhancing communication skills and strengthening relationships.

As a core part of the solution, we created a competitive and fun indoor activity, called Eden, that put the 400+ delegates we had over a number of weeks, into teams of 8. Each team had to ‘travel the world’ and attempt up to 30 cultural tasks to earn resources to create a sustainable community within a given timeframe.

Teams had to both focus on their own journey through the game, whilst having a high awareness of other teams. This included a great deal of interaction and collaboration with other teams in order to be successful themselves.

The intended result was to throw up the dichotomy of having to collaborate with your competitors which gave for some wonderful talking points at the end of the session. The success of the programme was highlighted by both the participant comments and the fact that the bank has gone on to rebook us for this and further modules every year since.

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