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Event Duration
45 – 90 minutes

Min-Max Participant Numbers
4 – unlimited

Best For
Reward your team – Get to know your colleagues – Graduate programme – Celebration event – Boost morale – Enhance collaboration – Improve Customer relationship


A pharmaceutical company searching for a vaccine for Coronavirus need to give their team a morale boost having been working so hard for so long. They have an annual offsite meeting for 50 delegates from 8 different countries. Because of the travel ban and lockdown, they had to do things in a different way. To help them find the perfect solution, they called us.


Having been working on virtual solutions prior to lockdown, we already had a suite of activities ready to go. As with our standard practise, we listened to our client to understand what they wanted to achieve before offering solutions. On this occasion, our fully hosted virtual escape room was the right solution. It includes a wide variety of fun challenges that requires players to utilise items you’d typically find at home.

We chose Zoom to host the activity due to its breakout room functionality. After our main host greeted teams, ran an icebreaker, and gave a briefing, we split the group in 10 teams and sent them to their respective breakout rooms at a touch of a button.

The fun competitive atmosphere added to the experience and at the allotted time, we brought all teams back to the main meeting room for a wrap up which included a slide show of photos so they could see what they had all been up to and a run-down of the final leader board.


The whole process during the lead up to the event day, the delegate invitations and teaming lists, the logging on to a shared video conference meeting that included 50 delegates from 8 different countries, the host’s humour to set the atmosphere and of course the virtual escape room game itself ran seamlessly.

What our clients say

“We had an excellent experience with the Team at Blue Hat. They were very attentive with organising the event and making sure it matched all our requirements. The game itself ran very smoothly and the added option of having live hosts is a must! They really set the mood and made everyone laugh! We all had so much fun and would highly recommend.”