Event Duration
30 mins – 2 hours

Min-Max Participant Numbers
20 – unlimited

Best For
Reward your team – Get to know your colleagues – Graduate programme – Celebration event – Boost morale – Enhance collaboration – Improve Customer relationship


A British satellite company who offer global mobile services had pulled together 25 people from 4 different countries to work on a new project. Many of the individuals had not worked together before, or even met. The project lead recognised the principles of a high performing team and wanted to accelerate the process to ensure a project delivered on time and on budget. To improve communication and collaboration, its essential people get to know each other better and build trust, respect and rapport. So an event that enabled this to happen in just 60mins and delivered virtually during lockdown was required.


We had recently created a virtual version of our Who’s Who activity, which is a fun way for people to network. We started with a brief bit of science around elements of high performing teams and how trust, respect and rapport was a key enabler. Everyone had downloaded our app and their private game in advance of the meeting. During app set up, they are asked a few questions about themselves and become one of 16 game characters. Players must then collect as many of the other characters as they can. They do this by scanning other players QR code via a short conversation with other individuals. They meet, chat and scan codes all through a video conference to earn points. They are asked further questions about the character for bonus points. And if they find the person who answered all the questions the same, they have found their soulmate for points bonus. We utilised Zoom breakout room functionality to run this experience for this group. After a briefing in the main meeting room, we sent people off in pairs to different breakout rooms. When they had concluded their conversation, they came back to the main meeting room before being sent for another conversation with a different person.

The app created a fun and light-hearted format to gamify the experience and points were earned for various achievements, all in app. At the end, we delivered a fun and upbeat wrap up of the final leader board.


The fun and informative format got everybody talking and laughing together straight away. The group found it useful to understand the principles of a high performing team and what they could do to help move towards it. The gameplay itself is customisable, enabling us to tailor the questions around the client brief. A short and high impact session drew unanimous approval from all participants.

What our clients say

“The Who’s Who activity that Blue Hat provided worked perfectly in getting people chatting and getting to know each other better before we embarked on our project with our new international team. Blue Hat set up and hosted the activity which took a lot of pressure of me as the main organiser and in fact enabled me to join in with everyone else. A great networking activity, perfect for remote workers and highly recommended.”