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Consequences With Harry Venning

Enhance your experience of the Corona Canvas by having a lesson with Harry Venning on how to draw cartoons. Harry is Strip Cartoonist of the Year, has contributed cartoons on a weekly basis for the Guardian newspaper for over 25 years and has written 67 episodes of the Radio 4 comedy show, “Clare in the Community”. In his uniquely humorous and informative style, Harry will show you step by step, how to be effective in story telling using the power of the pen and robbed of the written word.

Your group will be allocated a specific block of adjacent canvases on the Corona Canvas Gallery.
You will have access to Harry either on a 1-time pre-recorded video, or (subject to his availability) live in person from his living room, talking exclusively to your group. Here he will explain the essence of cartoon drawing and help you to realise that you too CAN draw.

How does it work?

example1 Consequences With Harry Venning

Example images from Harry Venning

example2 Consequences With Harry Venning

Each participant will know who their neighbouring artists are. The goal is to create series of images that tell as ‘story’ from one canvas to the next. What is the ‘consequence’ of the action taken in Canvas 1 that affects the result in Canvas… and what does this lead to in Canvas 3, 4 and…!
A great way to get your team communicating with each other, being creative, familiarising with a preferred technology and having fun. And the outcome being recorded for history on the Corona Canvas!

Get Started in 3 easy steps

green-dot-bluehat-1-70 Consequences With Harry VenningSend us an enquiry to request the number of canvases you would like your team to colour, connect and contribute. Choose whether you would like Harry Venning to kick off your activity.
green-dot-bluehat-2-70 Consequences With Harry VenningDownload and print off your canvases adding colour the template’s design, to carefully match where it connects with your neighbouring canvases using the gallery to guide you.
green-dot-bluehat-3-70 Consequences With Harry VenningAdd your own special image or message to the blank space in the middle and when it’s completed, upload your masterpieces to the website gallery!

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