The Concept

Make some seriously funky beats in minutes

Boomwhackers is an activity that bonds your team through a fun shared experience. The instruments are brightly coloured tubes, tuned to a diatonic scale that when struck, produces a note.  Played at the same time, with one of our expert conductors, your team will produce a beautiful melody (after a little practice!).


How It Works

The conductor skillfuly introduces each coloured tube until all colours are introduced and the room is lifted with the varied, colourful and tuneful sounds of Boomwhackers.   Building towards a finale where the piece of music is performed, your group must listen, react and ensure that all the right notes/colours are played together at the right time to create the music of your company.  Within a sea of colour and lightening fast reactions, our conductor will dramatically transform your group into a cohesive and melodic team. Great fun and very memorable.

The instruments can make a fantastic conference give-away with your logo or key message printed on them.


Great For

  • Fun and Motivation
  • Energising a Team
  • Communication


Activity Details

Number of participants:                8 – 10000

Indoors or outdoors:                      Indoors

Event locations:                                Worldwide


Try Before You Buy

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