The Concept

A great way to represent the power of one team one goal

Imagine for a minute the power of a Mexican Wave and the way that it livens up an audience. Instead of simply throwing your arms in the air now imagine that the whole audience is holding a lightweight railway track in the air above their heads and transporting cargo along it.


How It Works

We bring this railway track to your meeting or conference in small parts and your team must first construct it, before connecting each part to the people either side of you.  As the group raise and lower their arms in sync, they are then able to transport brightly coloured balls around the room.

The team building activity is rich in analogy enabling you to reinforce key conference messages in a meaningful way.  There is also the option to brand the balls to represent a key product, an in-house process that might be changing or a group of people making a particular journey. This can be as intricate or simple as you wish.



Great For

  • Fun and Motivation
  • Planning
  • Leadership


Activity Details

Number of participants:                8 – 10000

Indoors or outdoors:                      Indoors

Event locations:                                Worldwide


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