The Concept

Lively energiser that connects your team in a creative way.

What a Balls Up is a flexible team building event giving the opportunity to get your group outside in the fresh air for a few minutes, whilst also having the ability to be run in the conference room in case of inclement weather.


How It Works

A charismatic Bluehat presenter leads your group through a series of coordinated skills that involve a giant net, a number of bouncy balls and a coordinated team.  Each team must communicate and use group hand eye coordination to be successful.  The results either way are fun.

With practice teams bounce the balls in time to a rhythm beaten out by the facilitator, before the finale where teams develop a controlled fling in order to exchange balls with other teams and demonstrate their prowess and ability to work together.



Great For

  • Fun and Motivation
  • Energising a Team
  • Communication


Activity Details

Number of participants:                10 – 200

Indoors or outdoors:                      Indoors

Event locations:                                Worldwide


Try Before You Buy

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