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Building a Dream

Building bikes for your local community Building a Dream is a creative team building event that provides teams with an opportunity to have some competitive fun together, learn some new skills and construct a range of real bikes for donation to a worthy children’s project in your community. It’s a great opportunity for your team […]

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One World One Team

Local action with a global reach One World, One Team is a truly unique event that is not only fun… but one that literally changes the lives of children in developing countries around the world. It’s about local action with a global reach as teams work together to generate, create, produce and pack unique ‘gift […]

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How to make any event a give-back event

Give-Back teambuilding events that make a real impact on real lives Corporate companies who invest in their local and global communities demonstrate to their employees that they genuinely care about the long term. And if that care is extended to people outside the organisation, then you can bet it also includes those within. We have […]

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Crystal Ball Challenge

Take your team to the future and back Working in smaller strategic teams, your group are challenged to look to the future and demonstrate their impact on the success of the business 5 years from now. They will represent their vision in a range of different formats, e.g. a financial report, a poster, a mural, […]

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Dragon’s Den

The perfect ideas generation activity where creativity & innovation are put to the test. Our host announces the teams and sets the scene. Each team must create a unique product and pitch it to the Dragon’s to win their vote. Teams brain storm a unique invention or business idea. Each team is handed a golden […]

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21 Day Challenge

Reprogramming your team behaviours for success We create learning experiences around fun and engaging team building activities. The activity supports the learning outcomes in a number of ways, in particular; • Delivering a non-traditional learning platform that is fun and memorable • Creating the right environment for individuals to learn effectively • Ensuring individuals are […]

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Maximise the impact of your event with a Blue Hat facilitator We believe the foundation for learning is fun. A fun atmosphere creates the perfect opportunity to openly discuss issues pertinent to your team. We achieve this through an engaging activity which acts as the vehicle to help delegates along the learning journey they are […]

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Roman Races

“Charioteers, are you ready?” Fancy a day at the Races? How about the Roman Races with horses and chariots charging around the track, the front legs of the horses galloping over the course so convincingly you can almost hear the thunder of hooves! here. We supply you with basic framework for a horse (or maybe […]

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The Crystal Challenge

Fancy catching those fluttering foils? “Thank you so much for your e-mail and thank you for an amazing event last week. We all had an incredible time and so many were so pleased by the event.” PwC The Crystal Challenge will bring back memories of a famous TV show. Now it’s your turn to be […]

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Goodwill Quest

Goodwill Quest takes our world leading Team Quest GPS trail app and adds the element of giving. Goodwill Quest takes our world leading Team Quest GPS App and adds the element of giving to an adventure with more interactivity and versatility than any other. This creates an unrivalled team experience. Each team is given a […]

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