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Reprogramming your team behaviours for success

We create learning experiences around fun and engaging team building activities. The activity supports the learning outcomes in a number of ways, in particular;

• Delivering a non-traditional learning platform that is fun and memorable
• Creating the right environment for individuals to learn effectively
• Ensuring individuals are in the prime state for open and honest reflection
• Creating an anchor to help focus individuals on the learning outcomes in the future

Our facilitators use skilful open questions to guide delegates through a process of learning through self-discovery. This reflection session concludes with each individual committing to changing or modifying a single behaviour that they feel will on a daily basis when they return to work. We ask them to write this down on a commitment card. Writing it down makes it more real and also enables us to post them back after the event to help people re-focus on their change.

As it takes 21 day to form a habit – delegates are then given a scoresheet to record every time they catch themselves displaying this behaviour (and what impact it had) for the next 21 days.

There will be lots of opportunity to follow up on the behavioural commitments and what impact it’s having with others within the business. We can support this remotely or face to face. You can also forward images from the session to individuals after the day to further embedding the learning long after the session.

Learning outcomes;

“The event was really well received. I’ve had nothing but positive comments from all who attended. People were amazed at the detail and intricacy of the Hells Bells and the 21 day challenge development tool – it was like nothing they’d seen before.”    – Chelsea FC

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