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Excellent variety – something for everyone to enjoy

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Your conference room is transformed. There is an atmosphere of excitement and energy. Around the edges of the room is a wonderful array of equipment for tasks. Beat the Clock is the ultimate corporate team building event to test time management and strategy and energise any conference room.

CIT_highCom14 Beat the ClockSitting proudly in the middle of each table there is a large numbered box and team pack and then our presenter announces that the teams are about to attempt to Beat The Clock! After being divided into groups and introduced to the simple premise of the game – the clock starts ticking.

Some teams will dash straight off to identify the famous celebrities or company logos on the display boards; others will find the pump and modelling balloons in their treasure chest of a team box and begin with a haphazard attempt at balloon modelling.

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Others will flip open their team pack and read all the rules and instructions for every one of the 101 plus challenges on offer, to plan their strategy. Towards the end, the final countdown begins. Mayhem ensues. Furiously teams try to complete the challenges they have started before the clock hits zero. Then it’s too late, it’s all over. The event concludes with an upbeat prize giving with themed awards for each member of the winning team.

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