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Building bikes for your local community

gallery1-1 Building a Dream

Building a Dream is a creative team building event that provides teams with an opportunity to have some competitive fun together, learn some new skills and construct a range of real bikes for donation to a worthy children’s project in your community. It’s a great opportunity for your team to have some fun together with a worthwhile cause benefiting from your efforts.

This imaginative event has so much to offer. Teams are presented with a range of creative challenges designed to get participants working together. If successful within the allotted time, teams will earn Challenge Tokens. The more challenges you successfully complete, the more tokens you will earn. Tokens are then exchanged for a brand new ‘boxed’ bike available from our bike shop and the next phase of the event begins…the bike construction.

Under the watchful eye of our resident ‘Bike Expert’, teams construct the component bike parts and accessories that accompany each bike (helmet, backpack and lock). There are certain skills and techniques involved in building bikes to the required standard and teams will have learnt these along the way. They take this new-found knowledge away with them as a useful life skill to be used at home with friends and family.

At the end of the activity, the team’s completed bikes are donated to a local community organisation supporting local kids. Teams hear how their efforts will benefit the chosen project. It creates a great sense of achievement in the room.

Building a Dream is a creative team building event that provides teams with a fun opportunity to work together whilst enabling them to support a worthy beneficiary in their local community.

“We had a GREAT time! I think everyone really enjoyed it. Thanks to you and the team for making it such a fun event. I think it achieved what we set out to do and that was to provide a bit of light relief through team building activities and let people get to know each other.  Look forward to working with you again sometime. ” – BBC

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