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The perfect ideas generation activity where creativity & innovation are put to the test.

gallery1-1 Dragon’s Den

Our host announces the teams and sets the scene. Each team must create a unique product and pitch it to the Dragon’s to win their vote.

Teams brain storm a unique invention or business idea. Each team is handed a golden envelope containing cash to fund their ‘product pitch’ and begin their planning. Once the idea has been thought through, teams set about creating a pitch to wow the panel of judges into investing in their idea.

Dragon’s Den is the perfect ideas generating tool, as it can be used as a means to generate new ideas and change in the workplace. Ideas can be non-work related, or alternatively can be very unique to your company and your team in particular.

Within the given time, teams must plan and script a presentation; to imagine, realise and design any props or prototypes; and to book a ‘slot’ in which to deliver their pitch. As time begins to run out, the tension rises.

The panel of ‘dragons’ prepare to hear the first of the pitches and points are awarded for excellence in a number of set criteria. When the dragons have heard all the pitches, all the teams are drawn back together for the tense finale.

“The team who conducted the day were first class. Objectives met and team became stronger as a result.”    – FIAT

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