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goodwill-q-1024x477 Goodwill Quest

Goodwill Quest takes our world leading Team Quest GPS trail app and adds the element of giving.

Goodwill Quest takes our world leading Team Quest GPS App and adds the element of giving to an adventure with more interactivity and versatility than any other. This creates an unrivalled team experience.

Each team is given a tablet pre-loaded with our app and the bespoke trail we’ve made for you. Teams then navigate their way around the game area finding mystery locations. Every time they approach a location, a fun challenge pops up on screen. If the team are able to achieve the challenge, they’ll earn ‘charitable impacts’ on offer, before moving on to the next location.

The Team Quest App has many unique features which means we can design more fun and engaging treasure hunt experiences than anyone else. Our technology is so advanced delegates can simultaneously play multiple games across multiple countries; a perfect representation of the need for communication within an ever expanding global market.  Team Quest’s unique Artificial Intelligence enables the option for the system to cleverly manage teams around the game zone.  This is particularly useful for large scale events to avoid teams following each other from one location to the next.

> On ease of use the teams rated Goodwill Quest 96%.
> Asked how much Goodwill Quest had helped teams bond with their teammates they scored it 98%
> When asked how much participants were enjoying themselves they rated Goodwill Quest at 100%.

With this edition of our Quest games, we’ve partnered with a global charitable giving partner. This means that instead of the usual points, teams earn ‘impacts’. Each impact benefits an individual or community somewhere around the world, helping real people in need. By the end of the activity, teams have amassed a significant number of impacts and although we highlight the winning team, the whole group have a wonderful sense of achievement having together helped so many people in such a positive way, simply by having fun together in a team activity environment (it makes us feel pretty good too!)

To date, with our clients, we’ve generated over 100,000 impacts and hope you can help us make it to 200,000!

Goodwill Quest is the perfect way to explore an area, have fun on the way, be competitive and do some good whilst you’re at it. This activity is perfect to energise your delegates and getting them to feel good about making a difference to those in need.

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