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Give-Back teambuilding events that make a real impact on real lives

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Corporate companies who invest in their local and global communities demonstrate to their employees that they genuinely care about the long term. And if that care is extended to people outside the organisation, then you can bet it also includes those within.
We have several give-back based team activities to choose from. And with our unique ability to turn any team activity into a Give-Back experience, then our whole portfolio of team building events can now leave your whole group with a terrific sense of personal worth.
How do we do this?
We have a unique giving portal where you can choose from hundreds of giving projects. We list them per IMPACT, which refers to how you help each person each day. IMPACT examples include, ‘giving medicine for a malnourished child in the Ukraine’, ‘giving life changing education to a child in India’, ‘giving reproductive health awareness to women in India’, ‘plant a forest tree in Kenya’ and many, many more.
How does it work on the day?
During your team building experience, we transfer your points into positive IMPACTS. At the end of the event, after we’ve congratulated the winning team, we highlight the accumulated achievement of the whole group, ‘Just by having fun together, you’ve managed to achieve X number of IMPACTS.’ It’s a very powerful moment.

How much does it cost?

It’s simply the usual cost of your team building event, plus the amount you’d like to commit to the IMPACTS. As we pay a fee to help the running of the portal, 100% of your giving value goes direct to the projects in question. The IMPACTS can be high in volume yet low in value, so for even a small extra cost, you can create a huge sense of achievement, satisfaction and goodwill within your group.

How many IMPACTS have Blue Hat and their clients generated so far?

To date, we’ve helped our clients generate a whopping 1.2Million IMPACTS in the following categories;

Food and shelter
Human rights
Life enhancement

Income generation

Employees who are given opportunities to do something to help others tend to display greater loyalty, pride and motivation for their employers. What better for a genuine win:win scenario?
You and your team can be a real force for good.

Call us now to find out how you can turn your next team building event into an IMPACTful one.

“The organisation of our day was fantastic, and the Blue Hat team dedicated to our event were great – always quick to respond and inevitable last minute changes were never a problem. On the day they were there throughout, ensuring our event ran seamlessly. The feedback from all about the day has been extremely positive, with everyone enjoying the activities and taking something from the event. I look forward to working with Blue Hat again in the future and would definitely recommend them for the organising of any team building events.” – BNP Paribas

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