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Team building dabbling in the mysterious world of antiques.

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An informal and relaxed format, In the Know typically starts at pre-dinner drinks. As individuals enter the room, they are given a card to enter their assumptions about the range of items displayed around the room. During this time, they must try to establish the age and value of each item, along with what the antiquity was originally designed for.

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Once seated at dinner, the cards are collected to give a table team score. Each team is then given the correct age, value and intended use for one of the antiquities. They then spend time over dinner creating two fake identities and descriptions to be presented to the rest of the group after dinner in the style of Call My Bluff.

Toward the end of the meal, teams present their bluffs to the opposing teams, who must then vote on the description they believe is genuine. All scoring is visible so everyone can see just how accurate (or not) their opposing teams have been.

The scores are verified and added to the earlier table scores by the host and the winning team is crowned champion, receiving a bottle of champagne or hard back book of antiques as a well-earned prize.

Should you require it, we can tailor the In the Know antiques around your industry or conference messages. Should you be interested in this option, we can quote for the additional preparation time and item purchasing.

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