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Create front page news relating to conference messages.


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This fast-paced and time-pressured teambuilding challenge encourages teams to explore conference content and company objectives through the thought-provoking and often contentious world of newspaper publishing.

Integrating Comic Strip into a conference strongly reinforces the messages as teams, armed with laptops and digital cameras publish a unique, attention-grabbing and eye-catching front page.

Like professional news teams, they must identify the lead story and find vital factual information to substantiate their article. Their reporters hit the streets to track down eye-witness reports, mystery informants and to capture that all-important award-winning photographic scoop.

Teams must also name their paper, draw an apt cartoon, design an advert, create a business forecast, attend a press conference, produce a conference-based crossword as well as writing an up-to-the-minute newsflash and a business consultancy section. The team building event’s flexibility and varied options allows all the content to reflect the conference objectives.

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