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Suspense & intrigue are on the menu !

gallery1-1 Murder Mystery Evening

You’re enjoying a glass of champagne with colleagues at pre dinner drinks when suddenly a heated conversation grabs your attention. Five mystery characters seem to be engaged in quite bizarre and eclectic banter. Who are they…?

xmaspartyevent Murder Mystery Evening

Suddenly to your amazement one of the characters drops dead on the floor. The police arrive on the scene and usher you through to dinner away from the scene of the crime…

The team building event now commences. As witnesses you have been tasked with solving the mysterious murder. What was the motive, who was the murderer and what was the murder weapon? Each table are provided with case files and evidence found in your venue. Each team has the chance to interview any of the suspects at any time throughout the evening. Only the murderer can lie!

After coffee groups conclusions are collected. The suspects are brought back into the room and in a sudden twist of events the guilty party is revealed. What happens next is a surprise!

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