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How many people can say they have had the opportunity to try, let alone break a world record ?

An exciting event that enables delegates, working in small teams, the chance to attempt a number of official world records. Records are chosen from an extensive and growing list that requires a broad base of conceptual, perceptual, practical and pragmatic skills. There is something for everyone and we’ll ensure an interesting variety for your team.

Delegates can walk away with potential immortality – this event is a unique way of creating anticipation and to generate an exhilarating buzz. Everyone’s contribution is required, with teams working together to achieve the most effective route towards obtaining a world record. The event is also a great demonstration of process improvement through analysis and trying different things to become more efficient and effective.

Expect 100% engagement from your delegates, who will leave the day with an incredible positive emotional memory that will be talked about for years.

Over 50 companies have broken world records with us, since we started running world record breaking events a number of years ago.

Do you think you have what it takes to add to this elite list?

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