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1-1 Rollercoaster

Working towards one common goal.

gallery1-1 Rollercoaster

Your group are given the team building challenge of designing and constructing a series of bridges to support a rolling load which travels under the force of gravity.

Groups must communicate to ensure their designs seamlessly connect together to meet thegiven requirements. The teams have to continually test each free standing section to make sure it works as a standalone unit and also in unison with all other sections.

The series of bridges must carry a ball through all manner of twists, turns and obstacles.  There is even a loop the loop challenge for serious bonus points if you are feeling brave.

The finale comes when all sections are complete and placed in line with all the other bridges.  The tension builds as the ball is released and starts its journey.  The atmosphere is tense as it travels through each obstacle.  At the end of one bridge, the ball will automatically trigger the ball on the next bridge and so forth.  The cheers of celebration are always phenomenal when the ball reaches the end.  It provides the ultimate feeling of team success and achievement.

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