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“Charioteers, are you ready?”

Fancy a day at the Races? How about the Roman Races with horses and chariots charging around the track, the front legs of the horses galloping over the course so convincingly you can almost hear the thunder of hooves! here.

We supply you with basic framework for a horse (or maybe a unicorn or a winged Pegasus; you decide!) which is attached to our adult-sized, pedal go-carts. With instructions, you build the body and the head of your trusted steed to the specification you desire. You then design and build a chariot behind in which the ‘charioteer’ sits and later pedals.

The tension builds as the horses take their starting positions, allocated on merit of horse construction. To the Imperial signal, the relay race starts. They’re off, the horse’s legs flailing as the charioteers jostle for position. A winning team emerges and it’s celebrations all round.

See the video of this truly unique and exclusive teambuilding event, filmed in Rome itself here.

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