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Rough Guide allows delegates to gather information and making the ultimate guide to their conference or team away day. Rough guide can be used to either promote company messages or used for a fun informative support to a trip.

When visiting a city delegates explore the city of your choice to compete to make the ultimate guide. Gathering interesting facts, discovering local delicacies, interviewing the locals and discovering the hidden secrets of the city. Each guide needs to contain the most useful and unique information for teams to then keep as a memory of their day and the visit.

Creating a Rough Guide can be used in multiple ways for your event to enhance company knowledge and allow delegates to explore new cities.

The indoor version of Rough Guide allows delegates to complete a company booklet focusing around the
objectives and aims of your event. Delegates are presented with a pack and need to network around the room to interview and answer their given questions. These questions are bespoke to your conference and will
enhance any objectives throughout the rest of the event.

Once they have found a member to answer their questions they will then take a picture of that delegate and print this off inserting it into their guide. Finally all delegates should have a full Rough Guide.

The outdoor version allows delegates to explore the city completing different challenges and tasks outlined in the guide. Catagories can be based around food, history and local life. Delegates will also be expected to take pictures to insert into their guide.

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