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A fun and highly interactive sporting challenge.

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This competitive games-based team building activity will inject an excited atmosphere of eagerness and team spirit into your evening. It has been designed to thrill and energise. Even your most chilled-out guests will find themselves caught up into the competitive head to head spirit that Superstars generates. Typically run around a conference or around dinner, it allows delegates to network, have great fun and relax in each other’s company.

You choose from a wide selection of games and activities. On the night our professional presenter – the Referee (dressed in black and with a whistle) – introduces the games, the format and the rules. These rules and the scoring are purposely kept very simple to allow for a very fast paced evening. Theme tunes from famous sporting events fuel the excitement as teams compete head to head to score top points towards the league table.

The smooth running of the event is achieved with live commentary and regular scoring updates by the referee and close support from the rest of our event team present on the day.

Superstars is a very popular, simple and fun formula for interactive and engaging entertainment.

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