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Amazing high tech team building treasure hunt adventure

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Target 10 is part of our series of high tech team adventures held across the UK and Europe. The theme is ideally suited to events held in a major city such as London, Manchester or Edinburgh.

The most ingenious part of this event is the sophistication of the hand held devices which guide teams on their adventure. The devices are pre-programmed with cryptic clues to direct your teams to a variety of unique locations around your selected venue or area. At each location teams will have to complete a range of fun tasks and challenges to earn clues to input into their device to enable them to progress. The devices are also programmed with a number of on-going fun questions, which can relate to your business, product or event theme. These questions can be multiple choice or pictures for some added fun.

Target 10 is the perfect way for teams to explore and discover new areas in and around your city of choice, or to get out and about after sitting in a conference room for a while. The creative nature of the event combines a self-driven city tour with all the excitement of a unique treasure hunt adventure. The event can be delivered with various modes of team transport from on foot to Black Taxis or even Tuk Tuks. Target 10 is an all-inclusive event packed full of teamwork and participation, which is perfect for mixed groups. On conclusion of the event, all of the pictures teams take during the event are available to keep for viewing and memorabilia.

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