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Can you master your teams strengths?

Delegates are presented with a tablet and a bag of kit to complete the Tri Master challenge. Offering tasks which are cerebral, physical and creative means that everyone can get involved and teams must discover how to use these strengths in the most effective way.

Teams progress through 5 levels all consisting of eight randomly selected challenges meaning no team will do the same combination of tasks. Teams must attempt five of these tasks to move onto the next level with each level progressing in difficulty. Teams are able to view tasks before completion meaning tactical decisions and planning can take place in each round. Who can complete the physical? Who is the most creative? Answers to tasks can be texts, images or videos which are sent back for scoring in real time during the event.

Teams can boost their chances of success by completing bonus and risk rounds. Risk and Reward questions hold the chance to double or nothing their points whereas playing a Joker can double any points gained in that specific round. Tri Master also offers the chance for a bonus round including company specific questions making delegates experience unique and relevant.

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