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Get the most out of your team building event. By Ben Parkinson

hellsbells Get the most out of your team building event. By Ben Parkinson

The equipment from award winning Hells Bells – a Knight’s Tale teambuilding event in operation

3 corporate team building pointers

There are three main things that make the most memorable and engaging team building experience for your team. Be sure to choose a provider that you are totally confident will deliver top marks across all three of these areas to give you the best chance of achieving this for your colleagues.


1. The team building concept – choose an activity that genuinely challenges the participants. From the outset, any good team building provider will ask you about the demographic composition of your group along with skill-sets, athletic ability, theme preferences etc to ensure they put forward options that will have something for everyone involved. Variety is essential in any team building event, which gives everyone the chance to shine, whilst also giving people the opportunity to try something they wouldn’t normally do in the office. Flexibility is also key in the concept stage; any company that can’t be adaptable and cater to your specific goals and ambitions, probably aren’t worth working with.


2. The activity equipment – you may have heard the term ‘ropes, planks and barrels’? Or the classic spiders web activity. Or where you blindfold a team member and then help them navigate around some basic obstacles using animal noises. These concepts were being used by team building companies over 25 years ago. Whatever the idea or theme, your team ends up doing exactly the same thing, albeit the company has given it a different name. Unbelievably, most team building companies still operate in this way today. We say avoid, avoid, avoid! Find someone who can design unique tasks and challenges that deliver a more memorable experience for delegates with tangible results intertwined. Come and visit us at our storage facility and you’ll be amazed and inspired. And you won’t find a rope, plank or barrel anywhere on our premises!


3. The on-site event staff – Whatever concept you choose or level of equipment is supplied, the staff on the day make a huge difference to the experience of your delegates. Upbeat, friendly, professional and fun loving event staff will make your team feel welcome and help immerse your staff in their team building experience. Roles and responsibilities on the day are also important, have a dedicated presenter to host your team building event, with a different event manager to oversee the delivery and a support crew to help deliver all aspects of the day for the best delegate experience possible.

About the Author: Ben Parkinson is the commercial director and co-founder of Blue Hat Teambuilding.



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