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How influencing behavioural change can increase employee performance

Employee performance – now there is an area of business that is scrutinised regularly. There are a number of recognised methods in which you can be seen to encourage an increase in employee performance which will contribute to delivering on key results. Some are tried and tested, such as a monetary reward, others are less successful or not applicable in a non-target based environment. With such a vast array of metrics to measure performance, how do you really achieve the best results from your staff?

Typically, business decision makers are more than content with excellent figures and the meeting of set business goals and milestones, believing this creates an excellent working atmosphere and better individual performance, which to an extent it may; more so in incentivized arenas, of course. But how does meeting business goals positively affect the individual, what makes performance really tick? Try influencing your team’s behavioural traits such as values, communication and motivation – this will go a long way to achieving your long term goals as a successful business…

How do you define a great place of work?

There is a good chance that you may have come across the ‘top coolest places to work’ article and drooled at the offices of usual suspects Google, Red Bull and Innocent to name a few, but there are many more cost effective determining factors that may deem an employer particularly generous, such as staff incentives & bonuses, flexible working and added perks like dental care. How about one that invests in the personal training and development of staff? This can make a huge difference to performance. Not only does it trigger the sub-conscious perception of value to the company and the acknowledgement of deserved reward, it empowers the employee to give something back and excel, to prove that it was worth your valuable £££’s.

There is a strong correlation between training, development and personnel investment and productivity. Reward your staff and they will reward you. The cost is easy to remunerate and will easily be offset by the value it brings to your business. A great workplace will invest in the training and development of their workforce in order to heighten the experience their product/service delivers.

Methods to influence behavioural change…

Behavioural change can be as simple as asking someone to undertake a task that is slightly out of their comfort zone, or perhaps to question the methods they use to achieve certain goals but to influence change we need to challenge the normal and think outside of the box. How can the employer induce behavioural change to benefit performance?

Team Work & Interaction

Making staff feel a part of the system – ensuring everyone is involved in the values and ethics of the business. Team work is a trait that often comes naturally in many, but can require encouragement from peers less confident – not to say everyone works best as a team, but it certainly helps to be pro-active when communicating important messages through the business.

Performance workshops

The cost to offer training and development to your staff will be much more favourable than paying a recruitment agency to recruit and use valuable in-house resources. One of the most effective and exciting ways to induce behavioural change has to be performance workshops. Face-to-face active learning delivers better communication and more productive ways of working through personal development and high performing teamwork. Designed with purpose and the ability to be tailored to your business objectives, developed with your people and culture in mind, this will help you work together more effectively.


As previously mentioned, this may come in the form of regular meetings, performance review, quarterly target arranging and many more, but often has negative connotations and is a tactic used to combat under-performing individuals – not boosting the overall staff workmanship.

The outcome

It is clear that investment in strong character building training will have a dramatic impact on staff retention and loyalty, not to mention have a helping hand in bringing often astronomical costs down. Recruiting replacement staff and re-training on the same systems is far more expensive than inducing behavioural change and it is of interest to promote internally.

In a world where the breakthrough generation have fast become obsessed with a flexible approach to work and where competition is fierce for the most talented individuals, it is crucial business owners adapt to provide a happy medium that will create a draw for your business and retain an excellent momentum, present throughout the whole company. Investing in your staff can be one of the single-most important factors when it comes to firstly, recruiting the crème de la crème of candidates and secondly, retaining such valuable team members.




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