In-Person Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

Whether you’re looking for large in-person corporate Christmas party ideas, or activities for a small company outing, please take fun seriously! The further in advance that your plans are sorted, the more you will be able to relax and have fun with your team.

We know it can be stressful to plan a Christmas party when you are down to the wire, which is why we have prepared a handy checklist and 16-step guide to help you plan your party in advance to ensure you stay ahead of the game.

You can download the No.1 Office Christmas Party Checklist here.

But wait—there’s myrrh! We’ve put together our best in-person Christmas events that will make sure you sleigh this year’s team celebration. Check out these in-person activity ideas below…

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*OFFER ENDS 31ST OCTOBER 2021 –  All Christmas party bookings for December that are confirmed by the end of October, will receive a complimentary seat for every 10 booked! Plus… as Christmas is a thoughtful time for giving, for each and every early bird event booked, Blue Hat will donate 1,000 IMPACTS to people in need! See details below.

In-Person Christmas Party ideas Tri-Master 1) Tri-Master

Can you master your teams festive strengths? The Tri-Master Christmas Challenge is one of our best-selling games jazzed up into a Christmas fun filled event. Each team are presented with an electronic tablet and a festive bag of goodies to complete the challenge. Offering tasks which are cerebral, physical and creative means that everyone can get involved and teams must discover how to use these strengths in the most effective way.


In-Person Christmas Party ideas - Team work of art

2) Team Work of Art

For this years in-person Christmas party, gather up your team to collaborate and create your very own festive masterpiece! Stand back and view an art piece of epic proportions. During the festive period, why not re-create a famous scene, or design your own giant Christmas Card? With Team Work of Art, the importance of teamwork, co-operation and communication is reinforced through the process of painting an artistic masterpiece!


In-Person Christmas Party ideas - Team quest

3) Team Quest

It’s the most wonderful time of year to get together with your team and embark on an outdoor adventure with this festive fun filled treasure trail. Explore the festive city of your choice with our Event Tech Awards Winner, Team Quest.  This is an exciting and engaging team adventure. Using the very latest in GPS and communication technology, this is a treasure hunt with more interactivity and versatility than any other.


In-Person Christmas Party ideas - Beat The Clock

4) Beat the Clock

Beat The Clock is the ideal event to get your party off to a bang this season! Your conference room is transformed. There is an atmosphere of excitement and energy. Around the edges of the room is a wonderful array of equipment for tasks. This is the ultimate corporate team building event to test time management and strategy to energise any conference room. The winning team will be offered a choice of global impacts to support as their prize.


In-Person Christmas Party ideas - Gameshow mania

5) Gameshow Mania

Join us for a festive Game Show featuring “Do You Want To Be A Billionaire”, “Real or Surreal” and “Million Point Drop”. Festive questions and a game show host help bring this event to life. 3 great shows in 1 great event. We structure this event to create a Christmassy competitive vibe and an electric atmosphere.


In-Person Christmas Party ideas - Festive Day at the Races

6) Festive Day at the Races

Join our host along with our bookie for your very own Virtual Festive Day at the Races. Whether a small group playing as individuals or a large group split into syndicates, this activity will provide a fun-filled, engaging experience for all. Prepare by donning your attire as a race goer, then get set to race!


In-Person Christmas Party ideas - Animate7) Animate

Get creative this December with our popular Animate activity and unleash skills you didn’t know you had! Design, produce your very own cracking Christmas movie! Animate is an experience based around the amazing technology of stop-frame animation. In teams, your group are given the challenge of creating a unique digital animation sequence; bringing your imagination to life!


In-Person Christmas Party ideas - Big fab quiz of the year

8) Big Fab Quiz of the Year

End your year like David Mitchel, Noel Fielding or Claudia Winkleman, in this hilarious take on the hit annual TV show! At this festive time, we are bringing this exclusive experience to you and your team. It’s time to jump down the 2021 rabbit hole and see how much you have been paying attention to the year.


In-Person Christmas Party ideas - Chest Quest9) Chest Quest

Complete a series of holiday themed challenges enabling you to unlock the chest! Each challenge can be tailored to be either collaborative or competitive, right down to the final seconds of the activity. Chest Quest can be tailored to your exact requirements and can be a mix of cerebral, creative, visual, technical or logical challenges.


In-Person Christmas Party ideas - Cartoon Warehouse

10) Harry Venning’s Cartoon Warehouse

Join the award winning Harry Venning for your own Festive Cartoon Workshop. This fun activity is led by the Strip Cartoonist of the Year, Harry Venning. With his perfected explanation on cartoon drawing, he breathes belief into every participant that they CAN do the same. His explanation is simple to understand, humourous and informative.


In-Person Christmas Party ideas - Rollercoaster11) Rollercoaster

Trending In-Person Corporate Christmas Party Idea: Get your team working towards one common goal as they look forward to a brighter 2022. Design and construct a series of holiday decorated bridges to support a rolling load which travels under the force of gravity.


In-Person Christmas Party ideas - Target 1012) Target 10

Visit the top 10 festive sites in a city of your choice whilst solving cryptic clues plus a range of fun tasks and challenges! Target 10 is part of our series of high tech team adventures held across the UK and Europe. The theme is ideally suited to events held in a major city such as London, Manchester or Edinburgh.


All our in-person Christmas party events are hosted by professional presenters accompanied by our experienced technical support team to ensure every event runs smoothly. Rest assured we’ve also considered what extra steps could help people feel more comfortable and keep everyone safe since returning to in-person events after Covid19. You can book your holiday party with us with confidence and flexibility with our Covid Switch Guarantee.


As Christmas is a thoughtful time for giving, for each and every early bird event booked, Blue Hat will donate 1,000 IMPACTS to people in need!

All you have to do is choose from the following three causes and we’ll take care of the donations;

  • Give 1,000 days worth of access to life-saving water to children in Ethiopia.
  • Provide 1,000 days worth of vaccination for street dogs against rabies in Nepal.
  • Give 1,000 days worth of access to a fun playground to children in Cambodia.
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