The Concept

A team building event with the perfect mix!

Ice and a Slice can be used as a standalone day or evening event. It can also be combined with a city adventure where teams have to source and purchase ingredients for the amazing cocktails they will create. The event can also include non-alcoholic Mocktails if appropriate.


How It Works

After an amazing demonstration of how to mix, flair and present the perfect cocktail, it’s your turn to try your hand at mixology and learn how to juggle and flair, Tom Cruise style. We know most of you will try and pull the tricks off at your next party; so we teach you the safe way to do it.

Each team have the use of one of our well stocked mobile speed bars. Our professionals guide you through each stage of creating a range of different drinks and how they should be dressed to impress. Teams also go head to head with each other on a timed challenge, judged by our experts. The finale involves an X-Factor style mix off where teams have to come up with their own unique cocktail. They must name it, mix it, style it and present it! The question is, how good does it look and ultimately how good does it taste.

You may also like to consider a ‘have a go’ format at pre-dinner drinks, to start your evening with a difference.




Great For

  • Creativity
  • Fun and Motivation
  • Energising a Team


Activity Details

Number of participants:                10 – 500

Indoors or outdoors:                      Both

Event locations:                                UK & Europe


Try Before You Buy

You’d test drive a car before you bought it wouldn’t you? Well, you can do the same here.

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