Hells Bells

Hells Bells ‘a Knight’s Tale’ is a brilliant, unique, and fun, multi-dimensional immersive experience, where all participants actively contribute towards a common end goal. It is the ultimate collaborative team building activity! A truly unique event experience that never fails to inspire, surprise, and motivate.

Event Duration: 2-3 hours | Group Sizes: 15 – 400 | Venue: INSIDE | Locations: UK & Worldwide | Outcome: Collaborative, Impressive, Memorable, Behavioural Change, Communication

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What Is Hells Bells?

We believe that Hells Bells is the number 1 indoor team building activity available as it allows many business messages and analogies come out of this event which can be related back to the workplace in terms of sharing information, cross-departmental communication, leadership and more. This activity is perfect for inspiring high performing team play, leadership and promotes togetherness. It requires delegates to commit to achieving a certain end result, take ownership, think differently and bond as a group.

“Hells Bells was completely amazing – everyone was engaged doing so many tasks that added up to an amazing finale. Barriers were metaphorically and physically broken down and the team came together. Blue Hat were professional and supportive, working with us in collaboration to service our end client’s needs perfectly. Their input into the agenda and preparing us to facilitate the day around the main Hells Bells activity was invaluable. Everyone went away energised, motivated and committed to delivering the business plan – exactly the outcomes we wanted!.”~ Maximillion

How it Works

The purpose of the event is for attendees to answer a single question. The answer is revealed through the completion of a series of unique and impressive constructional, mental, musical, creative, and logical tasks and puzzles. The varied nature of the content means that there is something that will appeal to everyone in your group. The game is deliberately designed so that the success of each task is interdependent with the success of other tasks. This encourages your group to work closely together and share information. The story is finally revealed in a physical enactment and accompanying giant automation made up of incredible mechanical structures which trigger each other in sequence… and deliver the verdict. This incredible grand finale will live long in the memory of all who experience it.

Hells Bells Key Behaviours & Observations:

The activity is the perfect representation of the Tuckman Model – Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing.

In addition, the activity will help you avoid the five dysfunctions of a team seen below (that feature in Patrick Lencioni’s best-selling book) and provide you with a strong foundation to build a high performing team.

1. Absence of trust – leads to Invulnerability Trust lies at the heart of a functioning and cohesive team.  Without it, teamwork is almost impossible.

2. Fear of conflict – leads to Artificial Harmony All great relationships, the ones that last over time, require productive conflict in order to grow.  This is true in marriage, parenthood, friendships and most certainly in business.

3. Lack of commitment – results in Ambiguity In the context of a team, commitment is a function of two things – clarity and buy-in.  Great teams make clear and timely decisions and move forward with complete buy-in from every member of the team, even those who voted against the decision.

4. Avoidance of accountability – results in Low Standards Accountability is a buzzword that has lost much of its meaning as it has become overused as teams like empowerment and quality.  In the context of teamwork, however, it refers specifically to the willingness of team members to call their peers on performance or behaviours that might hurt the team.

5. Inattention to results – leads to a focus on Status and Ego

The ultimate dysfunction of a team is the tendency of members to care about something other than the collective goals of the group.

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