The Concept

The sky’s the limit!

Don’t worry, we’re not going to turn you into grease monkeys and dump you in a dirty scrapyard! We are however going to take you into a world of invention and ingenuity, with the challenge of creating a one off item of pure team inspiration.

It’s not often that teams or individuals get to express their ideas in a free and open environment where you can put some wacky concepts to the test without any limitations. In Scrapheap Challenge you can do just this. It’s a challenge where the wildest ideas can often be the winning ideas.


How It Works

Each team delve into their goody bag bulging with equipment, design information and key materials. The first stage is planning. What will you build, what will it look like, how will it work, how will it better other teams and what will make it win? There are a number of build theme options for Scrapheap Challenge. One example is an airship which must be suspended in the air with helium balloons and propelled through a series of obstacles by teams frantically pumping air from hand held pumps.

Whilst Scrapheap Challenge is a fun team building event, it represents true value in terms of teamwork. The event emulates the processes most teams go through for any business project or innovation, from the initial brainstorm to the finished successful product.

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Great For

  • Creativity
  • Inspiration
  • Planning


Activity Details

Number of participants:                10 – 500

Indoors or outdoors:                      Both

Event locations:                                UK & Europe


Try Before You Buy

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