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The Concept

Team building competition at its very best.

All the thrills, spills and competitive energy of the famous London Stock Exchange. Get ready to enter a world of high stakes trading to succeed and become the big city rollers.


How It Works

The profit you make from trading is used to acquire materials and resources to build your company premises (a sky scraper) in the heart of the city. The game is controlled by a large trading screen which presents changing prices. A number of influences around the world continually affect the rise and fall of stock prices and materials costs.

Teams keep a dedicated eye on this information before they race to buy, sell and haggle with each other. Make sure you buy low and sell high. As the competitiveness grows, so do the team towers.

Each team will see the height of the other teams’ creations and subsequently become even more creative with their negotiations.

The team with the best trading skills should have the most materials to create the highest tower and be declared the winners. However there is a plethora of building regulations which can thwart them. If you don’t pay due care and attention to your team’s strategy, you will be penalised, leaving the way open for another more strategic team to take the win.

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Great For

  • Fun and Motivation
  • Networking
  • Delegation


Activity Details

Number of participants:                10 – 500

Indoors or outdoors:                      Indoors

Event locations:                                UK & Worldwide


Try Before You Buy

You’d test drive a car before you bought it wouldn’t you? Well, you can do the same here.

Click here to book a free, no-obligation demo with us and we’ll give you a “test drive” to help you make your decision.