Trading Wars

A fast-paced Trading Game that is guaranteed to inject energy in your team. The whole experience is highly charged, fast-paced, energetic, inclusive, boisterous and very memorable.

Event Duration: 1.5-2 hours | Group Sizes: 15 – 1000+ | Venue: INSIDE | Locations: UK & Worldwide | Outcome: Competitive, Customisable, Memorable, Networking, Energising

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What Is Trading Wars ?

Trading Wars is highly engaging, lots of fun with a range of different roles and responsibilties for each team to manage including traders, strategists, builders and negotiators…. so each team member can find their own ‘niche’ and teams who understand the mix of skills in their group and allocate roles accordingly will be successful.

It’s perfect for encouraging networking and is super fun, high energy and provides an electric atmosphere in any conference room. 

Trading Wars was one of the best conference events we have ever done. Everyone got into the spirit of the game. The competitiveness was amazing and people were prepared to do just about anything to win. You followed the specific brief given and produced an event that was right on the money.

Remarkable, with the limited knowledge you had of our business. It really meant a lot to those that took part because it related to their everyday world. They’ve taken a huge amount away from it. Thank you very much for your professionalism and attention to detail.

~ Food Stanards Agency

How it Works

The activity consists of 6 trading sessions and to be successful your team must buy and sell as as much stock as possible. Each group of stock is compiled with three components. Purchase the components when they are cheap and sell the resultant campaign when it is priced high!

Sounds easy eh? Well, consider there are limited components of each stock and lots of teams. When the price falls, be ready for the rush that ensues, emulating those famous images of a frantic trading floor at the New York Stock Exchange you’ve seen in the movies!

When you generate profit, use it to buy materials with which to build your team’s skyscraper. Strive to dominate the conference room skyline by building the tallest tower! Heed the Building Inspector who is checking the ‘compliance’ of your construction.

The trading screens are constantly on the move, with news stories giving some indication as to future fluctuations with which to trade, so pay attention!

“Buy, Buy, Buy”… “Sell, Sell, Sell”…Trade with the trading desks or between individual teams.

There are plenty of networking opportunities before the fun-filled finale which creates further post-event talking points.

Themes we’ve customised for clients in the past that you can choose include:

Circulation Wars
Pharma Wars
Mortgage Wars
Forecourt Wars
Telecom Wars
Real Estate Wars
Pirates of the Caribbean

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