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Live Events – An Essential Experience in Employee Development by Ben Parkinson

liveevents2 Live Events – An Essential Experience in Employee Development by Ben ParkinsonIncreasingly diversified working environments like remote working, business travel and digitalisation (Skype anyone?) mean the value of face to face employee interaction is more important than ever in the modern workspace. As physical face to face time diminishes, taking time to invest in bringing employees together to collaborate in person is essential in nurturing employee relations, progression and creativity; all the essential ingredients in creating a growing business.

A recent article published by Meetpie shows that companies are predicting a rise in live event attendance, acknowledging the value in physical collaboration against the ‘convenience’ of virtual meetings. “In the global survey of members of the industry association, 60 per cent predict an increase in live attendance, compared to 53 per cent 12 months ago, while just 10 per cent anticipate a decrease.” The dynamics of a live event offer an experience that, despite the wonders of 21st century technology, are diluted in a digital sphere. A recent email marketing webinar confirmed this concept of dilution. Although informative it was in no way as engaging as if it were delivered at a live event. Staring at a PowerPoint presentation along with the omittance of atmosphere, gesticulation, visual stimuli or peers being physically present, meant the experience was lost in delivery over the digital channel. Sometimes just getting out of the office and changing environments can realign our thinking methods when we’re not surrounded by the ‘every day.’  Live events are essentially experiences, virtual events are not, and as experiences lend themselves to being more memorable, so do their key takeaways.

Ben Parkinson, commerical director and and co-owner of award winning event company Blue Hat Teambuilding comments, ‘The most successful live event, meeting or conference include interactive and participative elements that enable your staff to come together around the key business messages. Live events facilitate new methods of strategic thinking and skill diversification whilst allowing staff to re-engage on a personal level. This is fundamental to creating high performing teams at all levels of a business. It’s the behaviours of individuals and teams in any organisation that drive success and growth above all other measures. This is where the majority of focus by business leaders should be centred.’

Author: Ben Parkinson, commercial director and co-owner of Blue Hat Teambuilding.

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