Murder Mystery Evening

As your guests enjoy pre-dinner drinks, they mingle (unknowingly) with our actors (who through their eccentricities are convincing and will fit in with the crowd).

Suddenly a commotion starts amongst the crowd. What’s going on? Everybody’s attention is immediately directed to the area where the first scene of the evening is played out…the murder!

Event Duration: 1-2 hours Group Sizes: unlimitedVenue: INSIDE Locations: UK & Worldwide | Outcome: Intriguing, Entertaining, Immersive

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What Is Murder Mystery Evening?

Once everyone’s attention has been caught, the main performance begins. During this amazing act guests soon realise that all characters have a motive for murder, but which one of them committed the crime? The Police arrive on the scene and usher you away from the crime into your main dining room. All the suspects (our characters) are to be held for questioning. Over dinner teams must solve the mystery and work out who is the murderer, what was the murder weapon, and the motive!


“Blue Hat has a dedicated team of event Managers. Our event was organised in a timely manner with little to no work required on our behalf. Excellent facilitators and a team of committed actors created a fun and interactive evening my for colleagues and me.”~ ZS Associates

How it Works

Played over dinner, each table becomes a team. Our energetic host takes the stage to welcome the group, run a short ice breaker and explain the rules. Having agreed the selection of rounds with you prior to the day, our host begins round one. Typically we order the rounds for optimal effect. Some will require equipment for the team to use to score points, others will see teams using their big button buzzer to jump in to answer fastest finger first questions, other rounds will require team members to take the stage to attempt hilarious challenges which are fun to try and just as fun to watch. Our job is to keep the whole room fully engaged at all times…something we’ve become experts at in the last 20+ years.

As we move through the rounds, often running them in between courses at dinner, the live scoreboard continues to update showing the teams in pole position.

If you make it to the top and stay there until the end, you will be crowned champions and take home the spoils.

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