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New Year, New Opportunities

animate_event2 New Year, New OpportunitiesAn Animate event run in January 2017 with a core theme of company values

Team Building Events and Company Messaging

As the curtain drew on an eventful 2016, 2017 unveiled itself on a cold January morning and the opportunity to define a new year emerged.

The New Year, to most, offers a chance to set new life goals and targets in both corporate and personal landscapes. It’s a well suited time to get colleagues together to take stock of the previous year’s achievements and strategise for the forthcoming 12 months.

Blue Hat come into the fold through a unique segment of our corporate team building event portfolio that enables clients to assert, redefine or get creative with company values. Events such as Animate, Team Work of Art and Independent Productions can all incorporate company values and messages into their structure.

If you want to take the opportunity to convey a specific message, communicate a new idea or establish company values with staff, both new and old, then get in touch to discuss how our events can help shape your future success.



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